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I’m a slacker once again. Things have been going great with Walter. We just got back from Maffitt lake in Iowa. Best weekend ever. I got there on Thursday and we had a lesson. In the schooling ring he was his usual self. Then we went into the ticketed warm up ring. It was the main hunter ring and the jumps were super sweet and set to 3′. As soon as we walked in there, Walter lit up! He was so excited. I’ve never felt that with any horse before. Nikki asked me how I felt about those jumps and if I was comfortable with them because she wanted to put me in the Adult Hunters this weekend. I was fine with it, and excited. So we went right to it. Nikki gave us the course and Walter was cruising. We were flying over those jumps. He was a little strong from the excitement and that was making it difficult to get the right to left lead change. So we had to work on that.

So Friday we did the 2’9 Special class. We had some pretty good rounds. Struggled a little with the lead changes a couple times. Then we had a handy round which was fun. There were a few roll-backs in there. We got a 4th in the handy round. The under saddle was really good. We took 1st. Overall we did pretty well. I think I got a 2nd, 4th, 5th and 1st.

Saturday was the Adult Hunters and we were in the classic too. First round was similar to Friday. We had one late lead change. Then our second round, which was also being scored for the classic, was perfect. We kept a steady pace the whole way trough and got every lead and distance. We scored an 82! And took first for that class. We also had our under saddle and rocked that once again taking first.

Sunday we finished up the Adult Hunters. My first 2 rounds were really good. We were consistent and got our leads. We got 1st and 2nd in those. Then I had my classic round which was pretty good. I had a small rub. We got a 76. Overall we took first in the classic! Woo! and in the Adult Hunters, we got champion! A very successful horse show for me and Wally. Looking forward to KY in June.



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