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So much fun…

Just wanted to post a little on Walter. I am having so much fun on him. I think I’ve said in the past how Walter is a different kind of ride than I’m used to. He’s got a big engine and doesn’t require much leg to use it. But I’m getting really comfortable with it and I’m having so much fun on him. The last couple of weeks, we’ve had Doug Boyd helping out with lessons. We’ve worked on letting go and riding up to the base of the jump. then yesterday we worked on the grid. It consisted of 3 bounces followed by a 1 stride oxer to a 1 stride vertical to a 1 stride swedish oxer. So much fun! Seriously. Walter is such a pro and so well behaved. He loves that stuff. I’m totally falling for him. ❤


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It’s Ocala season! Walter is not going this year but I will still go and ride. I actually get to ride Tyson this year which is pretty cool. Usually Nikki finds me a lease horse down there, I meet him the day before and then we go show. While it’s a fairly similar situation with the whole not riding him until the day before, I at least know Tyson and what his personality is like. And Nikki knows him so she can coach me on what he’s like. It was all very last minute which is why I didnt ride him at all before he left for Ocala.

This is Tyson. Such a cute face!

I also did a few horse sessions for the xmas season. It started with Gabrielle and Walter. It was for the xmas card and also Gabrielle’s birthday. We did a beautiful album for her. I should have taken a few pictures of it to post. But here are a couple of the shots we took.

Gabrielle and Walter.

AND! I also took the plunge and got custom boots. I had to get custom if I were to get new boots at all because of my calf to foot ratio. So I went in to Ann Hubbard’s and ordered the Fabbri boots. It was quite the process. Took Nips about 20 minutes to do the actual measuring of my feet and legs. I got to pick the toe shape, the little embellishment for the top, the fancy punch design on the leather, and the color of the leather inside the boot. That was my favorite. I couldn’t decided between the hot pink or the Tiffany blue. I ended up with the Tiffany blue. I was afraid I might tire of the pink and the blue was a safer choice. They came super quick too. Usually it’s about 6-8 weeks.. I didn’t think I’d have them in time for Ocala. At least not enough time to break them in. But they came in 2 weeks! So I’ve had a good 1.5 months. They are getting there. Slowly. I can ride safely and fairly comfortably. They can soften up a little yet but I they are good for Ocala.

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