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It’s been forever. After Dizzle, I had a couple of weeks where I wasn’t super enthused about riding. I just didnt want to have to deal with¬†quirky random horses giving me crap.¬†Dizzle was just so awesome that I needed some time. After a couple weeks, Nikki had me ride Al. Al looks like a chestnut French warmblood version of Dizzle. He’s 5 just like Diz. Of course he has some more training under his belt since he’s been in nikki’s care. So we lessoned. I know from watching Al, that he has a big jump. That lesson was so much fun. Al is so athletic and will take the big spot every time. I did some chair in the air but I hung in there. I rode him a bit more over the next couple weeks. I also worked in some lessons on Dancer who is a dressage horse. So I did some fancy stuff on him which was cool. This is Al below.


I also had a couple of offers to take on other horses like I did with Dizzle – free lease. They benefit because the horse gets training and goes to shows, and I benefit from getting a free lease. I was still a little damaged from losing Dizzle so taking on another horse so soon was not what I wanted. I just wanted a good horse to shareboard that would be nice to me and I wouldnt have to tack up myself for a little while. =)

In the meantime, the Geoff Teall clinic was coming up. I planned to ride Dizzle in it. So now I needed a new horse. Margaret Clayton was kind enough to work with me on finding a horse to use for the weekend. I started riding Oliver who used to be with us at Gem Stone. But then he started acting up and we ruled him out. So I rode Vienna. Also a Gem Stone veteran. She was great. So I brought her over to springfields and did the clinic with her. This is Vienna below.


ImageSo while I was still inbetween horses, there was the final PTS show coming up. Out of no where, Nikki and Marisa came up with the idea that I could take Walter to the show if I wanted. Walter is Gabrielle’s horse. He’s a bay TB who is actually blind in one eye. But he’s amazing. Not spooky even with the eye. He’s really tall too, which works for me. So I took one lesson on him and it went well. So then we went to the show haha. One lesson and then we show. But that’s because he’s such a nice horse. At the show, we did really well. There may have been a shallow distance here or there, but everything was good and we got 2nd in both o/f. The under saddle was really good too. I rode just like Nikki told me to and we got first! Overall we too home the champion ribbon. =)

Gabrielle is moving up to 3’6 this year. Walter is a 3′ horse. The family decided they couldn’t let Walter go and purchased him. Their family was generous enough to work with my budget and I started shareboarding Walter. He’s been awesome. Here is Walter and I from the show.


Walter is a total snuggler. I love it. Since Thanksgiving, Nikki took away all the kid’s stirrups. I get to keep mine because I’m an adult, but I have dabbled in dropping them here and there. Walter is a different ride though than I’m used to. He has got a big engine. I don’t have to even wear spurs with him. So I haven’t been super comfortable with no stirrups. But last night I took them off my saddle completely for my hack. Good move. I started feeling so much more comfortable by the end with both his speed and letting him just go. Kind of fun actually flying around the arena with no stirrups. =) So it was a little bit of a break through for me. I’m a bit sore this morning though. My core muscles are really feeling it.


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