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Oh Diz…

So quite the turn of events. The week leading up to the PTS show, Dizzle was off and on with his front right foot. Some days he was fine, and some days he was off. Some days he’d work through it pretty quick. So before the Summer’s End show, Dr. Marsh from Merritt said she’d be in the area if I wanted her to look at him. So I asked if she would since my gut was a little worried. They started with a hoof test and he wasn’t overly sensitive to that. Then we went in to the arena for me to ride and show her his lameness. He was certainly lame. They then started doing all sorts of flexion tests. After that, they recommended a block to narrow things down for them. The block improved his lameness 90%. So they then wanted x-rays of his front right foot. First thing out of Dana’s mouth was, “I wouldn’t buy this horse.” Definitely not what I wanted to hear. Not that I’m looking to buy Dizzle – he’s not even for sale. But still.

He had all sorts of stuff going on. His coffin bone was all nasty looking like a little mouse was in there nibbling away all the edges. Then there was a spur on one side. There was also arthritis visible. And he has navicular. And that was only the front right foot. Dana hadĀ suspicionsĀ of other things going on in other legs. But we didn’t x-ray those. So she knew we wanted to go to a show the next day. Dizzle had responded to bute the weekend before for the PTS show. So she gave us Doxicyclin for the time being and recommended getting a new shoe setup and we’d see how he responded. I didn’t realize though how bad all this was until later on. There were so many things Dana was telling me and I didnt know what half of it was. So Nikki took him with her the next day. He was lame for the next 2 days and he was not responding to anything Nikki was doing for him or giving him – short of injections. So she called Dana and they discussed, and then Nikki called me to discuss. I learned that if Dizzle was to continue with a riding program, he’d need injections and other rehab. But it would probably be just for light riding if we did all that.

So that’s pretty much when it all hit me how bad it actually was for Dizzle. =( So I told his owner about it and she eventually heard from the vet as well. Fast forward a bunch of text messages and a couple weeks, and Dizzle is staying with me through September and then going back to Christine. He is confined to the round pen so that everything hurting him can calm down with out him running around. Not like he’s much of a runner, but just in case. And he was also given a new shoe setup, as seen below. Christine had Joe Sircy come out to re-shoe him and help relieve any pain that he could. I had to work all weekend but I’ll see Diz tonight and see how he’s doing.


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