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Big Boy Pants!

Hello! So last time I blogged, Dizzle went to boot camp again with Nikki. Since then(it’s only been like 2 weeks) we have been working on the transitions a lot. And steering from the leg. He’s still not very good with the steering. We did some counter bending on a circle the other day and he was like, wtf? He thinks if his head is pointed in one direction, that’s were his body goes. Not the case my friend. The result was a lovely leg yield though. hahah… All in good time. We also have new shoes. yay! no more racing plates. This should help him with tripping over nothing. Which I believe it has already. Nikki said the race plates have more traction which would explain some tripping. So far so good.

This weekend is another PTS show. It’s up at Fields and Fences. I dont have a wedding this weekend so I will be able to go school on Saturday which is nice. And actually, Nikki offered to come up there and help me school him. I was thrilled at the offer. Betsy is back from having her baby, but obviously can’t ride yet. But I did get 2 lessons with her this week. So Nikki will be there to help. Then on Sunday, it’s show time. And we will have quite an audience. My grandparents, parents, and my aunt Jenny and cuz Stephanie are all coming to watch and meet Dizzle.

Then on Wednesday, Nikki is picking up Diz and we are going to the Summer’s End Show in Camp Lake WI. It’s an A show. Hence our “Big Boy Pants” title. Nikki will work with him and show him during the week if all goes well. Then on Saturday I will show him. I can’t wait. I miss being at the shows with Nikki and the crew. I went to Trader’s Point Charity Horse Show last week to photograph Nikki’s group and it made me really miss seeing them. So I’m very happy to be going with to Summer’s End.

Other cool news, Dizzle and I got our lead changes!! woooo! It happened in our lesson on Wednesday. Betsy came out. We did a lot of work cantering piles of poles on the line – keeping him collected and rocking back. Then we started jumping some verticals on a figure 8. Towards the end, I’m like… I’m gonna ask for the change. I gave him a swift kick on the outside. He popped up like he was gonna do it. But then he felt like he dove down and sped up. So I pulled. No lead change. Then Betsy told me not to pull on him. That it did not look to her like he ran off with me or anything. So we tried again. We jumped the vertical, landed on the incorrect lead, I gave him a kick and low and behold – he did it!! I was thrilled! We continued on to our next jump and then I asked again for the change and we got it again! So exciting. And he’s so smooth about it! So we did a victory lap and that was the end of our lesson. Great night!

I had gone out to visit him earlier that day on my lunch break. I told him he was going to a big boy show. I think he heard me – hence the lead changes. =) Here are some photos of Diz and his buddy Dillion in the pasture. Dillion is a 4 year old OTTB.

I love this first photo. I want to order a big print of it.


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Beth comes to visit.

So this week is a busy one for Dizzle. Nikki is in town and we are at Springfields for some training with her. Yesterday was a half and half, with Nikki riding first and then I lessoned. She was a lot harder on him this time, mostly because he is stronger now and she was able to ask more of him. It was pretty hard for him and he wasn’t always sure what she wanted of him since he was using himself in foreign ways. You could see he was frustrated at times. But Nikki is the best so of course he figured it out.

So earlier today, I had Beth Sabor of Holistic Essence come visit us. She is an animal communicator and also does massage. She I had her visit with Dizzle for a bit before his massage. He was so sweet with her. She said he’s is very happy with me. He is very eager to please and can get frustrated a little when he doesn’t know what is being asked of him. But that I understand him well and we are a good pair – he doesn’t feel pressured with me. He also said he feels pampered. =) (Of course I try my best to pamper him.) And that he wondered why I don’t visit him every day. (Unfortunately I can’t get there most weekends because of work. But I usually have someone ride for me – like Grace.) Then Beth went into showing me what I can do while I groom him to work his muscles and stretch him. There are photos below of Beth and Diz.

Then I had a lesson this evening. Great lesson! Lots of transition work. Like I mean lots. But it’s awesome. Diz rocks back and balances himself with all that work. We would walk over cavalettis, then halt, then trot away. Then we’d keep the trot and go over the cavalettis, then halt, then walk away. And repeat. Then we’d trot the cavalettis, halt, then trot a vertical, halt, then trot away. All sorts of combinations like that. We eventually got to jumping a course but every time he’d land on the wrong lead, we’d trot and pick up the correct lead right away. Tried to be as quick about the simple change as possible. At the very end, Nikki was like after the last jump, if he lands wrong, you are going to ask for the change. He landed wrong. It wasn’t pretty on my part. I needed to let go after bringing him back after the jump to allow him to make the change. So with Nikki coaching us through it, me letting go of his face and giving him a big kick on the left, he did it!! woo!! Super smooth. Didn’t even know he did it. Nikki’s cheering was my indicator. It was awesome. Great day. Tomorrow morning Nikki rides him again and then he goes home to Daybreak with the weekend to relax and ponder what we did this week. =)

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So riding has been going great with Dizzle. He’s super smart and when I ride, I dont feel like I’m even on a greeny anymore. The only thing that gives it away are the lead changes – or lack there of. But we are doing courses now and even did an oxer yesterday. Tomorrow he will go to Springfield Stables and we will work with Nikki until Friday. She’s back from MI and Betsy is off having her baby. So it’s good timing. I also just found out that Nikki got Geoff Teal to come do a clinic at Springfield end of October. So I’d love to do that with Diz. Slightly scary thought only because I was at the last clinic he did and Geoff can be a little scary.

Sidenote: Is it strange that I really like bathing and grooming Diz? I definitely take pleasure in trying to have a shiny well-turned out horse.

Hoping we have our lead changes worked out by then. Here is a pic of Diz in turnout yesterday.

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