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Diz and I went to our first show together, and turns out this was his very first show ever. It was the PTS schooling show at Cross Winds Farm. I was unable to school him the day before because I had a wedding to photograph, but Grace was able to help me with that. We were entered in the Long Stirrup Hunter. =) Our schooling that morning was a little rough. Diz wanted to fall in real hard and cut off the ends of the ring and we were struggling with being straight and getting the strides. But it was ok. We were here for the experience.

Well it came time to show. And Diz was a rock star. We started with the under saddle class. My only issue was keeping him from getting behind the bit. Other than that, we did great and got a 2nd! woo! Then came time for over fences…. or teeny tiny x’s as it was long stirrup. But again, just here for experience. Our first round went great! I kept him from falling in, we stayed straight, and we landed on the correct lead so there were no lead change issues. We currently have lead change issues. Which will be worked on soon enough. Our only fault was that Diz knocked a rail down. How is it possible that he rubbed a rail when it’s only 6″ off the ground you ask? I dont know. But Diz is pretty good at that.

Our next round was ok. We landed on all the wrong leads and had to do simple changes at each end. Then our third round, our eq round that was unjudged, was perfect. We landed on all the correct leads, got the strides, stayed straight and didnt knock anything over. =) But it was unjudged so no ribbon. No ribbon in any of the o/f classes. But that’s ok. I was very proud of him. He was super chill and I couldnt have asked for a better ride from him. =) I’ve got some photos that Nellie took for me at the show below.

So last week we worked on picking our feet up over the small jumps and rocking back. We started Diz on a grid. Just 2 jumps to start followed by a 6 stride vertical. We tripped and trotted over that first jump quite a bit. But by the end, we were picking up our feet. Yay! The next lesson, we worked on picking up our feet again. Noticeable improvement right away. Diz remembers stuff which is awesome. We were picking up our feet right away.

We also went on our first trail ride last week. the temperature was awesome last week and the bugs weren’t too bad. So we set out on our own one night. Diz was a rockstar. He was on the buckle all the way down the driveway… which is really good because the bugs get really bad there and most horses flip out. But he was chill. He was super good the whole time. No spooking at all! He eyed up the garbage can, and there was a kid in a red shirt that came flying at us on his bike that make Diz do a little scoot, but other than that, he was amazing. Better than the horses I’ve ridden on the trails that have been doing it their whole lives.


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This morning was Dizzle’s last day of boot camp at the 5-star Springfield Resort. haha… Automatic fly sprayer, auto water refill, super big stalls with windows, footing to die for and grooms that gave him the best care I know of. Don’t get me wrong, Daybreak is a really nice barn, but Springfield can put anyone to shame. It was a good trade-off for him though since he had to work so hard this week. Work hard and get pampered. =)

So this morning was Dizzle’s last ride with Nikki until August. It went really well. Nikki said he has learned so much in 3 days and is smart as a whip. She said he felt so different already compared to her ride on Wednesday. =) She talked me through her ride on him so I knew what she was doing and why. She also gave me things to work on this next month of July when I hack him. Of course I’ll be under Betsy’s care as well, but Betsy cant ride him and it’s great having this information from Nikki. So things to work on…

  • Getting him long and low but then also collecting him and working the transitions to keep him light in front. This will build his top line.
  • Get him to use that left hind to strengthen it.
  • Adding steps on the line to get him rocking back on his hind.
  • Out in the hay field, trotting and cantering up the hill and walking with halt transitions down hill.
Beto also gave me some tips for grooming. He pointed out the areas that need to be scrubbed really good. And to let them know if I need any help because they would come over. Nikki also said I can get some apple cider vinegar to go over his saddle area when I don’t bathe him. I also have Bigeloil that I can use. Let me tell you though… those guys can really shine up a horse. Dizzle is super silky right now. Love it. Here are some links to videos from today:
Click here – for cantering and a lead change
Click here – for cantering the line off the right
Click here – for cantering the line off the left

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