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Field Trip!

So Nikki is on her way to HSBB for the entire month of July. And of course Betsy can’t ride right now due to the fact that she’s about to have a baby. So before Nikki ran off, we packed up Diz and took a field trip to Springfields for a couple of days. Nikki will get in a training ride or 2 and I will lesson with her on him. So today was the day! =)

From what I heard, Diz was much better about loading the trailer than last week. And when he got to Springfields, they put him right in the pasture to eat. Later in the afternoon Nikki did a training ride on him. She said he needs a lot of transition work. He listens well to your voice though. She also said he’s very weak in his left hind. So lots of pole work and transitions. He was a very good boy for her and he was learning right away from what she was telling him. Looking forward to my lesson tomorrow. Here are some photos of their ride.


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Quick update

I hacked Dizzle last night. I’m getting better at figuring out the steering at the canter. So that’s good. =) I also did little bits of shoulder in and leg yielding. We actually had some real jumping going on in the ring too and of course Dizzle didn’t care. =) Very happy about that. I stopped at Target before riding and picked up some apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, and corn oil. After our ride I made him a little fruit/veggie salad. I’m thinking he enjoyed that. I’ll be out again to hack tonight after my lesson at Springfields. I’m hoping to take a field trip to Springfields next week before Nikki leaves for Traverse City for the month of July. I’d like her to do a training ride and also give me a lesson on him. Seeing as Betsy is about to have her baby, she can’t exactly get on Dizzle. So having some first hand guidance from Nikki will be great in addition to working with Betsy.

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So yesterday was Dizzle’s first full day at Daybreak. I stopped in on my lunch hour to visit and see how he was. I got there just as they were turning him out. He trotted away once released, for about 20-30 feet, and then stopped and started eating grass. He was pretty happy out there. He had a huge grassy pasture all to himself.

After work, I went to Springfields first for a lesson with Nikki and Levi. it was a good lesson. They have all been good for a while now. =) But we did some ground work that is harder for Levi but he’s strong enough now that we can ask him to do it. We did some shoulder in, haunches in, and counter canter work. Then we did some jumping. We did more of a hunter course with outsides and diagonals. But one of the diagonals was an in-and-out followed by a liverpool 4 strides after. We struggled to get the 4 strides last week. But Nikki had us doing a variety of things to prep us for getting the strides. Long story short, we totally got the strides and I even had to hold him a little. =) Good stuff.

Then I was off to Daybreak for my lesson on Diz with Betsy. It was pretty lively there at first. Lots of Betsy’s people were there to welcome us and meet Dizzle. I tacked him up and we were on our way to the arena. Inside we had patti with one of her girls on Grace and the lunge line. Then there was Liz with a beginner on the other end of the arena with a lunge line. Then there were 2 or 3 others in there hacking. So there was a lot going on. Dizzle was a pro. No reaction to other horses passing or coming head on or too close. He also totally ignored the lunging kids and lunge whips flying. Everyone was super impressed that he was perfect having just arrived. Everyone is really excited that I found a really good horse.

So we did some work at the trot with circles and poles. Then we did some cantering. He was easier to steer this time at the canter. But I really need to use my body to make sure he knows where we are going. At the end we worked on trotting into a line of little X’s. Really had to leg him through the first X to make him canter away and over the next one. This will certainly be another great learning experience. I go from Levi, who I’ve got a great partnership going with right now, to the baby horse that is green. So I’m trying to channel my Gravano days. Although I was certainly not the rider I am now that I was back then. So it’s all new again. But awesome, and I totally look forward to accomplishing all the little things to come with Dizzle. =)

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Here he is!!

Everyone, meet Dizzle – my new baby. =) Betsy and Liz went to pick him up yesterday afternoon and I went to see him after work. I found him eating happily in his stall up in the small barn. Love the small barn. While it’s not as posh as the big barn, it has open fronts so all the horses can stick their heads out, windows in each stall, and there is always a nice breeze flowing through all summer long… and it’s a bit more affordable. So Dizzle was munching, and I introduced him to Patti and another lady who were there tending to their horses. Then I took Dizzle to the big barn to spray him for flies and we continued outside for some grazing time. He was fairly calm. A little looky at everything as we walked between barns. But was super chill eating grass. I snapped a few pics and decided he would be ok to turn out for a bit. So we went into one of the pastures and I set him free. He didn’t run. He just walked over to a good grassy spot and kept eating. I continued to take pics, and would walk up to him here and there to pet him. At one point he did trot for roughly 30 feet. That was the extent of his energy. =) After that, I brought him in to brush and spray again. Then I tucked him in for the night. Here are a few photos from last night. I will ride him tonight.

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Exciting things on happening the last 2 days. I will have a pony of my own to care for until the end of the year! So excited. He’ll be living at Daybreak. I’ll be working mostly with Betsy but we’ll also take field trips to Springfield’s to visit Nikki and work with her too. Very cool. He’s a 5 year old TB OTTB that never raced. He’s roughly 16hh and bay with a blaze and 2 white socks. Have I mentioned his personality is AWESOME? He is a super chill, on the buckle kind of guy. Totally not ottb-like. I’ll be visiting him shortly and will take lots of pictures… given the rain holds off. Can’t wait! Many new posts to come of our progress and adventures together. Special thanks to Christine of Teener Thoroughbreds for making this possible. I will take very good care of Dizzle.

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Gosh it’s been forever since I’ve posted. Sorry about that. Nothing real exciting has been happening. Levi and I are getting to a really good spot. I’m gaining back trust in him that he wont freak out at other horses and rear/buck. He’s been super since the move and we are starting to click nicely. =) I had my friend Sarah, who also is one of my assistant wedding photographers, out to take pics for me tonight. Enjoy the pics!

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