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HITS week 1

Back from Ocala! And I have to say it was the most fun I’ve ever had showing. =)

I got in Wednesday night. Mom came with but she was sick with the flu the entire time. =( She did make it out to see me show on Saturday though. So I went to the show ground Thursday. Nikki was showing Tyson in the pouring rain. It made for some cool pictures… muddy boots, splashing through the footing, and you can see all the rain in the photos. They did great though. Then Nikki hacked Trouble, who is for sale, and Koda.

I was suppose to go to a farm that afternoon to try out two horses for myself. The time came near and that fell through, but when I went back to the tent, my pony had arrived! And he was a GREY!! I was thrilled. His name is Ghost Ship and he is a 14yo, 16.5 and a half hand Oldenburg. We were all freaking out because the last 5 horses I’ve ridden in the past year have been grey. It is now a requirement of mine. So we headed out for a lesson. Opposite of Levi, he had a sticky left lead. Gave me a ton of trouble with it. Then in the ticketed warm up, I had trouble getting him to move forward and get the strides on the line. And every time we’d get near the gate, he’d stop and want to be done. So we struggled. But he was still very polite about it all and seemed affectionate. (Cellini was a little crabby in the stall last year) So Friday came along. We were getting ready to go show! And Mr. Ghost Ship kicked into show mode. Love that!

Of course I still had to try my best to set him up correctly for all that we struggled with the day before, but he listened and didnt give me a hard time. Our first round over fences, we didnt get a lead change at one point. But everything else was good. Second round, got everything great! A couple long spots but I was with him. No chair in the air here. Third round was also good but the last line we kind of created our own bended line and added in a stride. Overall I had a blast and we rode really well.

Saturday we did Novice Adult Eq. First round in was awesome! Nikki had nothing to tell me to fix! It was really cool. Second round, we ended getting a late lead change but everything else was great. Third round, again, was awesome. Then in the under saddle, we had a lead issue but it was behind the judges back and fixed it before he saw us. Phew! Ended up with a 6th in the flat. Over fences we got a 3rd, 4th, and 3rd. Nikki said the competition was stiff.

So it was a really great weekend. A horse I had met the day before and we rocked it out. =)

Sloppy rainy day on Thursday.

Nikki on Tyson in the rain.

Ghost Ship

Getting ready to show.

Thanks to Moira for taking my pics!


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