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Ocala is Coming up

Not must posting going on lately. Haha… get it? Posting? Anyway, Ocala is fast approaching. I leave February 9th. I’ll lesson on my mystery horse the next day, and then show Friday and Saturday. I’m not worried about the horse – I know he/she will be a good horse for me to catch ride. I just hope I can harness some of my chi from when I was showing chazz, and remember all the things I need to remember for my under saddle. I’m also hoping to have a little more horse under me than when I had Cellini. It was much easier to sit up and hold a little on Chazz than to try and squeeze my brains out to make Cellini go forward. I could go through all the things I’d love in a horse… it’s funny because they all come back to Chazz. He was perfect.

I dont know if I ever posted about this. But one of my photos from last year in Ocala was chosen as the program cover for this year. =) It is very exciting. Below is the cover and you can read the press release here.


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