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Video sample

I’m playing around with making videos from photos. This is just a 30 second sample clip using the photos of Chazz and I from Jeremy Lawson. Click on the link below. What do you think?

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.


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Ups and Downs

So I made a video of Levi and I in our lesson shortly before I went to Japan. Click here to view. We were doing pretty well. Levi was getting more into shape and showing some signs of life – meaning he would shake his head here and there and throw little mini tantrums. I thought it was cute – like a toddler. So after Japan I come back, I have a lesson, and I have a totally different horse. eeek! It was a little busy in the arena but not maxed out or anything. Any time a horse would come near us Levi would shake his head and rear a little with some bucks mixed in. wth? And he was super fast at the canter. I was holding and holding and certainly did not trust him enough to let him just go. There were too many bucks mixed in there for that. We didnt even jump during this lesson. We were too busy trying to contain him.

So that was the first lesson back. ok. Well then we come to our second lesson. it was a Saturday and busy once again. Only this time we had fire-breathing jumpers flying around the arena. Levi would freak as this one came near him, and then that horse would spook at Levi and then Levi would use it as an excuse to freak out right back. At one point, I was frozen in the center of the arena not knowing where to go because I knew levi would be sassy no matter where I went. Betsy had me go over a few small jumps. Lots of misbehaving on the backsides. Then we were going over one and I could see the fire-breathing jumper rounding the corner in front of us. oh god. Headed straight for us, the next thing I knew, I saw the ceiling lights, and then I saw Levi’s hind end bolting away. Yep. I was on the ground. =( Not a good ride.

So we needed to “take a break.” Over the next couple days I psyched myself up for the next ride. I needed to not be afraid and I needed to be strong and the boss. So my next lesson came. There was no one else riding. Figures. And Levi was perfect. Next lesson came, only 2 other people riding. Nikki and I talked about Levi and his personality. That he seems to feed on any fear as well as any other spirited horses in the ring. And I need to show him right away that his sassy attitude is not acceptable. So when he didnt listen to my leg – a little spur, and if no response, a wack. If he gave me some head shaking attitude, a kick and/or wack to send him on. This seemed to work well. He stopped the head shaking pretty quick and we had a great ride. =)

Levi was pretty heavy on the front end especially after a jump. Mostly due to his being out of shape. But we’ve been working on lifting him and sending him forward after a fence, and he’s getting so much better! We were jumping decent sized jumps and I wasn’t finding myself down his neck. He was staying light and lifting himself. It was great. =) So we shall see what this week brings. This is certainly a new personality for me and certainly one I will learn new things with.

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I had photos taken by my friend Jeremy Lawson. Well the preview is in! Take a look…

More can be seen at http://www.jeremylawsonphotography.com/blog.cfm?postID=435

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