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August PTS Show

Hello! It’s been a while. I’ve been so busy with work. August 8th Chazz and I went to the PTS show at Cross Winds. We are now on a mission to take first place overall in the series. There is even a little awards dinner in November.

So here’s where we are at… I missed 2 of the 4 shows they’ve had so far. May – I was the official photographer. June we competed and I took 1st in both over fences and flubbed the under saddle with a wrong lead. But we still got champion. July – Gem Stone did not go because we were all in Germany. Then August came and we cleaned up. It was pouring rain during my over fences. The first round, we actually added a stride on one line but all the others were great. I wasn’t getting my hopes up with the added stride and a couple late lead changes… But apparently everyone else was leaving strides out and such with the rain. I ended up with 1st in both classes. Woo!

Then the under saddle came along with the sun. We dried up and I was trying to remember everything Nikki and Nicole told me about showing off Chazz to the judge. We got all our leads. Woo! We didn’t get first, but we did get second! I was very happy with that. Under saddle always seems like this big daunting class that is really hard to win. So a second was awesome.

My friend and a future client, Nellie, was at the show. She is also a photo enthusiast and was kind enough to take photos of me and Chazz in the rain. She was decked out with an umbrella stuck in her shirt and a plastic bag wrapped over her camera. I was very impressed. Here are some photos she took for me. FYI – the “official” photographer for the show was no where to be seen in the rain. hmpf…


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