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Sunday Chazz and I showed at the PTS show at Cross Winds. We did pretty well over fences. There was one late lead change but overall very good. Got all my strides. All nice and even. Then the under saddle class was fabulous! Until the end. =( I was all set to rock the class after nikki’s lesson on showmanship and how to show off Chazz. We were doing awesome. Then the judge called for the last canter. We were right in front of him. And we picked up the wrong lead. Doh! And that was that. Nikki ran into the judge later that day and he said I was totally winning that class until our lead issue. But we won both classes over fences and we ended up champions! woo hoo!!


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This week, Nikki got an email asking if she had some young ladies that would like to be a part of the Hermes opening in Chicago Thursday night. Of course we did!! So our young ladies dressed up in full show attire, we all crammed ourselves into Dan’s car, and to the city we went!

Traffic was terrible as usual, and we were a few minutes late. As soon as we turned the corner and saw the store, we all hopped out of the car and ran! I was praying I didn’t drop my camera as I ran and tried to put my lens on. Luckily I didn’t! The girls were a hit! They got these great colorful twilly scarves around their necks to keep. It really dressed them up. The whole production was awesome. There were men on stilts with horse heads, wire horse sculptures, and gold straw bails lining the streets. Inside, they had fabulous¬† hors d’ oeuvres being served by what looked to me like male models. Like I said… it was fabulous! Mid way through, there was a precession down the curved white staircase of dancers with huge white horse heads. Within the boutique, that actually had some riding apparel and tack. Over all such a great experience!

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Hello! Last weekend Chazz and I showed at Fields and Fences – our first show together. =) It went fantastic!! It was so much fun! We showed in Novice Adult on Saturday. The first round over fences was very good. Our only problem was that Chazz was very forward. I’m not used to that. But we still got a 2nd in that class. woo! The second trip over fences was even faster. And we knocked a rail down. =( So no ribbon there.

Sunday we were in the Bit O Straw Classic. First round was fabulous!! I worked on keeping him even and steady between jumps. Then the second round was also fabulous until the ending courtesy circle when Chazz didn’t feel like swapping his lead until the circle was finished. =( Overall, we got second place in the classic! Had we gotten our lead, we probably would have taken first. Oh well. It was so much fun though!

Here are some photos of us from Equipix.net.

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Here is a photo of Ben at his new retirement home. One of my favorite pictures ever I think. Sebastian was trying to reach Ben to give him grass to eat, and Ben was trying to reach Sebastian.

Other news…. I have continued to ride Chazz since Ben’s retirement. He’s awesome. We will actually be showing this weekend at Fields and Fences. It’s their first A show. Should be a good time. I will also show him next weekend on Sunday at the PTS show in Marengo.¬† Can’t wait for this weekend. A whole weekend of horses. =) No better way to spend the weekend. Hopefully I’ll get someone to take some photos while I ride. I’ll post some if I do.

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