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Meet Chazz.

I thought I’d introduce Chazz. I will be riding him for now until Nikki figures out if she wants me to stay with him or go with a different horse. He’s a big boy! Much taller than Ben and a bit wider. He’s a good boy though. I’ve only ridden him about 4 times now. His steering was a little tricky at first. Felt like he wanted to go his own route during flat work. But we are starting to figure that out. I didn’t struggle with it as much last night.

As far as jumping goes, he’s awesome. Once I point him, he locks on and goes for it. It’s kind of a cool feeling when a horse does this and you can really feel it. Puts your mind at ease and leaves you with no doubt he’s going over it.

After that I took some photos of the girls in their lessons. It was beautiful outside and we got some great photos. I haven’t taken them off my camera yet though. Then Jill came to the barn and she let me ride Ruby, her saddlebred. My first time on a saddlebred. It was cool! It took me a little bit to figure out where my hands needed to be for this type of ride and she kept getting stronger. But once I got my hands in the right place, she wasn’t pulling. So that was cool. I always appreciate it when I ride a new horse and they are a good sport with me trying to figure things out on them.

So below are some photos of Chazz followed by Ruby. =)


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3 in one week.

In about the period of one week, I’ve lost 3 horses. =( First, Gravano’s owner got rid of him. We don’t get along and she did it without letting me know so that I couldn’t say good bye. Then I found out Ben will be retired. And now this morning, I found out that Cellini passed away. They found him out in the pasture. They think it was colic. What a sad week. =(

Gravano, followed by Ben, followed by Cellini.

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Ben saw Dr. Marsh yesterday for his semi-annual injections. Turns out, Ben is going to be retired. =( It’s good for him, but I had a lot of fun riding him. He has had breathing issues from bad allergies, and it turns out he has some soft tissue damage which would require 6 months of rehab. He’s an older guy and Nikki felt it was time to call it quits. So I will finish out my month on Chazz, who I also enjoy, and then Nikki will figure out who I will continue on with this summer. So that’s the skinny. Hope I can still go to the Fields and Fences show in June!

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Ben vs The Peeps

Tuesday I took the peeps from the Easter Bunny and headed to the barn. Ben loves sugar so I thought I’d try out some peeps with him. He ate one and he was done. He wanted nothing more to do with them.

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