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I’m going back!

So excited! One of the families I ride with is taking me back to Ocala with them so I can take more photos of them showing. How cool is that?! So I will be back there next weekend taking many more photos. Nikki said she could get Cellini for me again as well, so it looks like I’ll do a little showing while I’m down there too! I really have to work on getting those strides…

Here are a few more photos from Ocala.


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Wow! What an amazing weekend! My goal in Ocala was just to stay on and not repeat what happened at Dunham Woods last summer. Well I did more than stay on, I got champion in my division!

My horse was Cellini. He is a 16 and 2 1/2hh, Dutch Warmblood Arabian mix. He is 26 years old. Yes, I said 26! As soon as we arrived at the show, I got dressed and headed to the warm up ring and hopped on. A little time in the open warm up ring and then we went jumping around the ticked warm up no problem. The only thing I was struggling with a little on him was lead changes and his steering was a little different than what I’m used to. And I really had to let go to make him go. So that was Wednesday.

Thursday came and I had a flat lesson. We worked on the leads and steering and tried to get the strides between poles. Friday we were rained out pretty much. It was a down pour and everyone scratched for that day.

So on Saturday, I was entered into a 2′ Adult Maiden Equitation class. I was a little concerned that it was an eq class only because I’m not all that confident with my own form. I’ve had a lot of work to do over the past 10 months or so to correct a lot of bad habits. To start my first round over fences, we picked up the wrong lead. Ugh. I knew it and tried to fix it but couldn’t so I just went with it. Over all, it was a very nice run. I got an add in each line but I was very consistent and Cellini made all his lead changes no problem. My second trip I tried to push him and get the strides. And I did! My third trip was less consistent. I think I had one line where there was an add. Over fences I got 2 blue ribbons and one 3rd place.

Then I had my under saddle class. Again, not expecting anything here. Seems like no one ever wins in these classes. But it was out of 8 people so I knew I’d get a ribbon no matter what. Turns out I got 2nd!! Crazy! And from what I hear, some people almost ran into me a couple times while in the ring. I had no clue what was happening behind me though and Cellini paid no attention either. Then we had to run over to another ring because Nikki said I needed 2 hunter classes in order to show on Sunday in the Bit O Hay Classic. So I did those pretty well. There were oxers in these classes so I had to be on my game for that. But it went pretty well. Turns out those 2 classes were 2’6!! Nikki and Nicole failed to tell me that. But it was nothing for Cellini and I. And we got 6th in both classes! What a fabulous day!

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Only 2 days before I leave for Ocala and I have a ton of stuff on my mind trying to remember everything I want to pack and how to pack it. I usually never take a carry-on suitcase but I’m paranoid now that I will lose my luggage when I actually need what’s in it. =O I sent most of the important stuff with Nikki. Really all that I’ll have in my checked bag will be my stirrups and spurs. I’d love to keep those with me but I’m sure that wouldn’t be allowed with security. So let us just hope my luggage makes it there with me.

Nikki texted me Saturday after she went pony shopping. She found 2 horses for me. I will be able to take both for a test drive when I get there Wednesday and then pick the lucky pony. =) That’s when I started to get really excited. Another worry is the snow storm that is rolling in tonight. It’s supposed to last until Wednesday morning and drop 6-12″. Ugh… Please don’t screw up my flight.

I will do some last minute shopping at Target today and pack tonight. Tomorrow I lesson after work followed by my hip hop class. I’ll put the finishing touches on my packing and hit the sack. I’m hoping I can get at least 4 hours of sleep Tuesday night. Our flight is at 5:35am Wednesday, which means I need to be at Ohare somewhere around 3:30 or 4am. Ugh….

On another note, I think I may have found a saddle. Betsy Anderson has joined Gem Stone while Nikki is in FL. She had a saddle for me to try and it seems to fit. I’d like Nikki to see me in it before I buy it though. So that’ll have to wait until March probably. Otherwise Kerry’s saddle is working as well.

That’s about it for now!! See you next week!!

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