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4 lessons left…

Until I leave for Ocala…. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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until Emily and I leave for Ocala. Yay! Beto left today with all of our tack and equipment, and the horses and Nikki leave tomorrow morning. Currently my garment bag, boots and spiffy new Charles Owen helmet are on the road with Beto. I haven’t found a saddle yet. I am able to use the Antares while in Ocala, but after that I’ll have to keep searching.

Last night I had a lesson which was much better than the last. I bought my own stirrups and leathers to use. The one’s on the Antares were stretched unevenly. So annoying. But I was able to collect myself last night, wait for the jumps, and all was well. =) It’s such a feeling of accomplishment when you and your horse are in sync – when he’s listening to all the little cues you are giving him and working with you. It’s awesome!

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Ups and downs!

Well today’s lesson was quite the roller coaster! Started pretty well. We were just warming up over the brick wall. Then we took the candy cane vertical on the diagonal and got a refusal. I had him over-bent and he thought we were just circling. Then we were good the next time around. Then we moved on to a 2 stride bended line. A little rocky but I think we got it. I think I got another refusal on the 2nd part of the line the first time around because I was on him with my left leg. Then we added a 3rd jump that was 3 strides away after that. The whole series was like an S shape. Each jump was on a diagonal.

Then we turned the other direction.  One time I almost lost it. I swear I did a super man pose like on the motocross bikes. Some how I stayed on. We certainly had a good laugh about that one. Wish I had it on video. Or a photo. A few times I was thrown forward and lost my stirrups because I was getting ahead and we had funky take-offs. The two do not mesh well. Then I was starting again and was thrown up his neck. We probably went for about 5 strides like that towards the wall. Kolby was in front of us and I was concerned about running into him since I was not in control yet. I had to bail. =( I think I kind of slid down the wall. My arm is bruised and scraped a little. And my knee is bruised. But I didnt get stepped on and Ben just stopped once I fell off. I bumped my head/helmet on the dirt but just lightly. Although after a couple of those, I’m wondering if I should get a new helmet. They say if the helmet makes contact with the ground even once, it should be replaced for safety. Hmm…

But I got back on of course. And we got back to work. We started with just the first jump of the series, circled after, and then went for the whole thing again. Got it!! Kept my heels down and forward and waited. So much better. Why is it that I lose it like that sometimes? I think back and I’m like, really? Why did that happen? I know how to do this stuff. What the heck? Better to get it out now rather than in FL. The good parts were good and the bad parts were not so good. But I suppose you have to go through that now and again. We learn from it right?

Below is a photo from when I went to Rolex in 2008. I think I did something like this today only it was after the jump and Ben was not refusing.

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Saddle Time

Well, it’s time to find a new saddle. I have one that was good for Gravano, but it doesn’t fit very many horses and I will need one to bring to Ocala that fits me and most horses. I’ve been riding in one of Nicole’s saddles on Ben which I like. I think it’s a Butet. They also had another French saddle for me to try out. I like that one even more. The leather is so nice and grippy. It also keeps me behind the pommel. So I’ll have to sell the one I have now and go to Ann Hubbard’s to see what they have used. Hopefully I will find something this weekend.

Of course I had to post a saddle pic.

Update: I found a used Anteres from Ann Hubbard to try. Everything was good with that saddle except I am long from hip to knee and the flaps weren’t quite forward enough. But we are going to try it again tonight because everything else about it was great. I also picked up an M. Toulouse to try from Saddler’s Row. It’s new and is supposed to be a CWD copy. It’s pretty. =) Seems to be forward enough but we’ll see when I ride in it. We’ll be able to compare both tonight and hopefully make a decision. The new saddle is actually way cheaper than the used Anteres. So it would be nice if that one worked out. But I like the Anteres a lot too. We’ll see!

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