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I’m going to Ocala!!

Woo hoo!! When Jeff was here, he suggested going to Ocala for a week or 2 and just finding a lease horse down there to use since I couldn’t bring Ben. So Nikki brought it up to me again and I’m doing it! So exciting! I’m not sure on the dates yet, but some time in Feb or March.

My last lesson was one of my best. Two lessons ago, Nikki had me working on my release. Well I think it’s finally kicking in. When I worked with Nicole on Thursday, we were jumping like crazy. And it was fabulous! Because my position was where it should be, it didnt matter if we took a short or long spot. I was totally secure and it felt smooth. She had me doing roll-backs and everything. It was awesome! It makes me even more excited for Ocala. =)

Here are some photos I took of Ben for the Gem Stone xmas gift project.


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Lesson with Jeff.

Last Thursday I had my lesson with Jeff Wirthman. It was awesome! We worked on the gymnastic and I jumped higher than I’ve ever jumped before. We really worked on hinging at the hips. Caitlin was awesome enough to take photos for me. Finally! I have photos of me on Ben. Yay!!

Good boy.

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We weren’t supposed to get our stirrups back until xmas, but this week we are having a special guest trainer, Jeff Wirthman, at the barn teaching our lessons. So we got our stirrups back this weekend so we can get used to them again before our lessons. Wow! It felt really odd having them again! I was actually nervous walking up to the mounting block… almost like I didn’t know how to ride again with the addition of stirrups.

It totally helped me not having them though. I was totally afraid of losing a stirrup before. Now it doesn’t matter. I would actually prefer not to have them because my feet are totally retarded and need to be removed from my body entirely. I have such a hard time keeping my legs long and heels down when I have stirrups. The rest of my body feels great though. I feel like my leg is so much tighter. My transitions from canter to trot as well as my sitting trot have gotten so much better. I feel glue to that saddle now. I didn’t get to jump at all yesterday, which normally wouldn’t be an issue. But with Jeff coming, I would have felt better getting some jumping in before my lesson with him.

It’s almost like we are going to a show with Jeff coming. Everyone has to look their best. Tall boots (polished!), show breeches, hair nets… My trainers are working on their days off in order to prep all the horses and get the course set up. They are also decorating all the jumps for xmas. I will head over there each day and take some photos while Jeff is teaching. I’m hoping to get someone to video me while I lesson with him on Thursday. Side note: Thursday will be an awesome day. I get to spend most of it at the barn, lessoning and taking photos, and then I’m off to Vegas! So I probably wont have an update until next week with my lesson. I should be able to get some photos up from Tuesday and Wednesday some time this week.

Below: I had my camera out at the barn over the weekend.
This horse is there usually when I ride. I don’t know his name but it’s a cool photo from above.

Here we have Doc and T…. having a discussion.

Leo is chasing his shadow.

Here is Ben jumping the box.

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Thursday Night Hack.

I had a later ride tonight. There was a work holiday party that lasted until 6pm and then traffic sucked on the way to the barn. I told Beto to just leave Ben’s stuff out for me and I’d get him ready myself. I would feel bad making Beto wait around all night for me to get there. I haven’t brushed and tacked up a horse in a about 2 months. I forgot how much I like doing that. It’s much more personal with the horse. Ben really enjoys having his face brushed. He’s such a good boy.

So I brushed him, cleaned out his feet, and tacked up. It was nice and quiet in the barn. Only one lady was lessoning with Diane. Ben and I worked on the same stuff from our lesson on Tuesday. I’m totally figuring out Ben as far as making him bend and soften. His buttons are different than Gravano but I’m starting to figure them out. So we did lots of bending. Some leg yielding. Transitions from walk to halt to walk while staying soft. And at the canter I worked on not dropping my inside shoulder. To finish up, we did some long and low. Such a good boy. =)

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