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We Jumped!

I had a great lesson on Sunday. I know where my legs should be now and it’s helping so much! I wasn’t sure how this whole jumping without stirrups thing was going to go. Mostly because I was so unstable before. But it went really well!! I didn’t get launched out of the saddle like I had feared. I stayed right with him. We did a line up the center followed by an X on the diagonal, and finished with the line up the center again. I was totally in control and it felt awesome! =)

Below is a photo from 2 years ago. Grace and I were out in the snowy hay field with Tina and Gem. My first canter ever was out in the snowy hay field. Grace and I were trotting up the hill and he just picked up his canter. I was like… uh… ok! It was awesome. Cantering in the snow is my favorite.


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No Stirrups!

Ahhh!! What have I gotten myself into. Nikki removes the stirrups from the younger folk from now until xmas every year. Well…. I’m all about being a better rider and wanted to do it as well. They were more than happy to take them away. So I had my first lesson without them. Now I’ve done the lunge lesson, and had to lose my stirrups here and there in lessons before. But to go a whole lesson without is another story. All I know is I have a lot to learn. We had a breakthrough today though towards the end. I was all tense and like a teeter-totter while posting my trot. Nicole couldn’t figure out how to tell me to adjust my legs so she got on to show me. I could see instantly what I was doing wrong. She also demonstrated how I was doing it and how that was pushing me forward causing all that instability. It was so much better with my leg in the right position! Amazing right?! But a lot of work to keep it there! Those muscles are in for a rude awakening.

Another unrelated photo: Me riding Angel in my first horse show. We got reserve champion!

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Quick update

Not much going on right now. I had a jumping lesson on Sunday. It was a lot of fun. There was a gymnastic set up consisting of 3 jumps set one stride apart and then the 4th jump was 3 strides out at the end. Nicole made the last jump into a rather large oxer compared to what I’m used to. It certainly teaches you to put all your weight in your heels. The first time over that oxer I ate a little mane. But I nailed it the next time. =) One of these days I’ll have someone photograph me jumping on Ben. It’s a little harder now that we aren’t riding outside. So I’ll just throw in random photos I’ve taken with my posts because I like stories with pictures. =)

This is Grace. I share boarded him for a while and learned to jump on him. He’s such a good boy.



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No Stirrups.

We’ve been concentrating a lot on my equitation since I’ve started on Ben. Tuesday Nikki did a lunge lesson with me. Basically that means Ben was on the lunge line and I was without reins and stirrups most of the time. Such a great way to find my seat, and Nikki can really see where I’m weak and how to fix my posture. When I was lessoning Liver, he was so smooth that it was no problem going without stirrups. But then I stopped riding him and it was all Gravano. His bounce made me terrified of dropping my stirrups. After this lunge lesson though, I’ve got my legs back. I hacked last night and 75% of it was with no stirrups. =) I had my spurs on too, which also freaked me out. I was afraid that if I dropped my stirrups and then lost balance, that I’d spur the crap out of him. But I didn’t. =) Success!


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