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Sloppy Kisses

I think I mentioned how Ben liked to lick my hand… here is a video so you can all see. I apologize for the quality. It was taken with my phone. And apparently you need to pay wordpress in order to upload video. Guess I should have stuck to blogspot. So here is a link to my facebook to see the video. Click Here.


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Treats? check.

While Ben is allergic to carrots and most pre-made horse cookie treats, he apparently loves Lemonheads, Pez, and apples. I think I have it covered.


Update: So I brought the stash of goods in today. Ben loved all the multi-flavored chewy lemonheads. He was so cute… he does this super low-pitched knicker in excitement for the treats. Then this evening, me and Bella brought him some of the hard original lemonheads. He wasn’t as interested. They certainly are more sour. Of course we had to eat some ourselves. =)

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Flat Lesson

I had a flat lesson with Nikki today. When I was riding Gravano, he was soooo bouncy that there were a lot of things about my posture that they weren’t harping on me about because they knew how bouncy he was and there were other more important things to figure out. But now that I’m riding Ben, it’s open season on my posture. Today’s lesson was pretty brutal on my body. Not so much as I was riding, but now that I’m done, I can feel it kicking in. Major core workout! We did a bunch without stirrups… walk, trot, and canter. I’m just trying to get that balance back. Long legs, no knee pinching, and sitting up straight. I used to be so comfortable dropping my stirrups before I rode G. But losing a stirrup on Gravano would have been the death of me. Well not really but I wouldn’t have stayed on. So it was good to do that again today. Grace does whole lessons on Ben with no stirrups. She can jump all over the place without them. No hands too! So I have a feeling I will be quite sore tomorrow.

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Hello everyone!

This is my new blog to journal what I do with the horses. You can visit my previous blog at www.ottbgravano.blogspot.com. It was dedicated to my relationship with Gravano. Since I am no longer riding Gravano, I needed a blog that was universal to any horse I am riding.

To start stings off, I’d like to introduce you to Ben. I started riding him last week. He is 19 years old, but certainly doesn’t act like it. The only photos I have of him right now are with Grace riding him. She is his other share boarder. Those two are a great team and can jump around any course.

Grace and Ben 1

Grace and Ben 2

I hope you enjoy my stories to come!

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